Destiny Details Revealed



Bungie’s Destiny was revealed yesterday and an in-depth detail list was promised.  One of the important things to remember is that Destiny will be a “shared shooter” so Bungie is crossing the plane’s of consoles to unite players in their struggle to save earth with the help of “The Traveler”.  Here’s some of the details pulled from the three page manifesto Bungie supplied.

  • Destiny will be online-only with no campaign
  • No subscriptions to worry about (Phew!)
  • Matchmaking and game matchups done on the fly in-game, basically a persistent matchmaking system
  • There will be a visual 3rd person lobby when matches are being set up (similar to the PS3 exclusive Dust 514)
  • Raids/Dungeons for Co-op play
  • Players will be added on the fly during sessions whether your playing solo or not
  • Takes place in a variety of locations: Earth, Venus, Mars, The Moon, rings of Saturn, Mercury, moons of Jupiter (mostly within our solar system) but not limited to
  • Each planet/location is treated as a standalone story and new areas are unlocked through playing in a location
  • You can get your own ship to transverse planets, and they’re fully customized
  • You can customize your character as well, appearance, weapons, and more than likely skill sets.
  • Only humans ie. Guardians are said to be playable thus far.
  • Three announced classes: Hunter – possibly a scout/sniper type,  Titan (tank), and Warlock (able to use The Traveler’s powers more freely)
  • Space combat wasn’t covered, but if your able to buy a ship and customize it, hopefully it’ll be used for more than a simple hub
  • Destiny will have no loading screens
  • Social Media will be a persistent source of connection to Destiny
  • Races are: Human, Vex, Spiders Pirates, Cabal, and others
  • Game modes weren’t covered in detail thus far
  • Squads appear to be up to 6 players, but with the scale of Destiny you’d have to believe you could have several squads running at once

Well there’s some early details, and we wanted to link back to where you can watch the awesome ViDoc for Destiny.

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