New Oblivion Trailer


This is the first movie trailer we’ve shared at iGR but expect some more as they come out, especially with the summer box office season kicking off in a couple of months. Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman, Oblivion is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Earth is no longer inhabitable after a great war with some aliens. As the trailer explains, we won the war but Earth was destroyed in the process but some hinky stuff seems to be happening. Here’s a look at it:

I’m definitely intrigued. Joseph Kosinksi (Tron: Legacy) seems to have a good visual flair so at the very least, it’ll be a pretty movie to look at in IMAX. Some may say that too much was revealed in it which could be true but the previous trailers were too confusing to get that excited about the film. Oblivion hits theaters on April 19th.

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