Gamestop/EB Games Has Watch Dogs & Rainbow Six Patriots Slated For Wii U



A Gamestop/EB Games employee has been very naughty indeed!  All lumps of coal this year in his/her stocking.  What looks to be a smart phone image with Gamestops Wii U release schedule has been leaked.  There’s a couple of surprises on the image.  First off Rainbow Six Patriots!?  That title has been in development limbo for some time, and now it looks like we’ll probably see it in 2014 (the image reads 12/31/2013 which is usually a placeholder for a later date).  We also see Watch Dogs release date outlined.  Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed any release window for Watch Dogs to the public, so I guess the lids off that tuna casserole.

Dylan Zellmer

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