Unwritten: That Which Happened Kickstarter Campaign

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A fantastic Kickstarter campaign is wrapping up tomorrow at 11pm CST. Unwritten: That Which Happened is a turn based strategy game slated for an August 2013 PC release. I love RTS, and Unwritten looks like it’ll be adding some really great seasoning to the familiar recipe. Here’s some details to sink your teeth into:

  • Delve into a turn based strategy game with meaningful, permanent decisions.
  • Play as successive generations of a nomadic clan, passing stories and legends down through the ages.
  • Experience infinite novelty through randomly generated maps, units, abilities, and enemies.
  • Make decisions that become a part of your personal “story”, affecting your ability to barter and ally with rival clans.
  • Make the trek to “God Mountain”, a place of final judgement and potential glory.
  • Experience a rich, exotic world inspired by international traditions of story-telling.
  • Make your own game modules using the same tools the developer used to make the game.

Developer Roxlou Games describes it’s title as a mix of Sid Meier’s Civilization meets Oregon Trail.  The important aspects plucked out of those titles vary, but two that come to mind almost immediately are “perma-death” and the evolution of your group/faction.  Unwritten will have both of those characteristics in tow.  There’s tons more story elements available on Roxlou’s Kickstarter Campaign  as well as more screenshots.

Dylan Zellmer

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