Rumor: Everything We Think We Know About Xbox Durango

Microsoft Vista

So there’s a few possible kernels of information floating about when it comes to the next Xbox (Durango, 720) whatever you want to call it.

Remember the guy that tried to sell a Durango dev kit on Ebay?  Well he’s back with all kinds of new supposed information about Microsoft’s next console.  Guess who he told first? Kotaku.

According to SuperDae among other things that have been reported as of late (Always on internet connection) we now have some actual specifications to deliberate about.  First up the HDD is reported to be 500GB standard.  Probably the best part of these reported specs would be the fact that you may be able to run more than one app at once in Microsoft’s new machine.

Now let’s get to the not so happy part of the report.  A new controller is said to be in development, (which sounds great) but you’ll more than likely need to huck your old ones as they won’t be compatible.  There’s also talk that the “Kinect 2” that’s supposedly going to be shipped with every console will need to be plugged in at all times (so Microsoft knows what you’re up to).  The next Xbox is also rumored to be compatible with 3D Tv’s and has built in Wi-Fi.  Add to that earlier speculation (probably accurate) that the next Xbox will ship with a Blu-Ray Disk Drive, and we may be looking at a Frankenstein’s monster type system.

Now let’s take this whole thing as a grain of salt.  People like attention, and Kotaku likes viewers so this is more than likely not completely accurate information.


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