Aliens: Colonial Marines Season Pass Confirmed By Sega



Season Pass? Why not? Sega has announced Aliens: Colonial Marines will be getting extended DLC coverage via a Season Pass.  Four DLC releases in all will be coming to Aliens: Colonial Marines, the first of which, called Bug Hunt.  Bug Hunt consists of three maps and will be a wave challenge (horde mode).

The season pass will run $29.99, or 2,400 Microsoft Points.  Sega has stated that’s a savings of 40% compared to piece meal purchase.   As previously mentioned the DLC is Bug Hunt, a mode where players strive to survive wave after wave of unrelenting enemies (sound familiar?).   The retail release includes four multiplayer modes. Modes consist of team deathmatch, escape, survivor, and extermination.

Aliens: Colonial Marines releases Tuesday February 12th on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, PC, and Wii U.

Dylan Zellmer

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