Star Wars Spin-Off Rumors


Just a day after it was confirmed that Disney would making standalone Star Wars films, news broke today that there are two early candidates: one centered on a young Han Solo and the other focusing on the bounty hunter, Boba Fett. These go along with the rumor on Monday (prior to Tuesday’s confirmation) that a Yoda film is also in development.

It’s an interesting take on the material, something that some fans may not be pleased with. I’ve seen a couple of editorials from fellow Movies & TV writers who feel that it would’ve been best to create their own universe with new characters rather than re-hashing the existing ones. That sounds like a great idea. The only issue is that Hollywood operates on a completely different level now, one that’s focused on using proven commodities as the way of making a profit. There’s a reason why reboots, remakes and re-imaginings are everywhere now and it’s not because there aren’t enough original ideas out there, they just don’t possess the same monetary potential. So while expanding the universe to introduce new characters sounds like a great idea, it can be unexpected that Disney would want to capitalize on known commodities like the characters previously mentioned.
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