Ouya Console Launch Nearly Sold Out


UPDATE: Additional information on the Ouya’s retail launch and backers not receiving their console.

A post made last night on the OUYA Facebook Page suggests they are close to being sold out on pre-order copies of the console.  Here’s the post verbatim –

“Heads up: we are nearly out of Ouya consoles for delivery in April 2013, and about to announce more available at a later date. If you want to get an Ouya in April, you should buy it on or before Monday, February 4.”

It’s no surprise that the largest success in Kickstarter history would be garnering this type of sales figures prior to launch.  The Ouya console and one controller only runs $99 MSRP, and an additional controller will add another $30 to the equation.  Ouya just wrapped up it’s CREATE Game Jam and ended up with a staggering 166 prototype game submissions.  Hopefully there’s a large catalog to go with the console at launch.  Pre-order the OUYA

Dylan Zellmer

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  • Lorenzo Von Matterhorn

    Hopefully there’s some great launch titles to go with the OUYA console. I’m a bit worried we’ll see low quality titles and it’ll fail to keep up the momentum long enough to stay relevant in the console marketplace.