WoW Film Adapatation Finds Director

Duncan Jones09 6 9

And many nerds rejoice! News broke earlier today that the World of Warcraft film adaptation has finally landed its director, in the form of Duncan Jones! For those of you unaware, Jones is the writer/director behind the incredibly underrated sci-fi film, 2009’s Moon, as well as 2011’s time travel thriller, Source Code. The plan is to get the ball rolling on filming by the end of this year for a 2015 release date. That doesn’t seem like a whole lot of time to produce what will surely be a big budget movie but it does add yet another film to the list of big films already being eyed for 2015 release dates, including The Avengers 2, Star Wars: Episode VII, Justice League and to a less extent, the next installment of the Pirates franchise.

I’ve never played the game but I know for a time period, all of my friends were obsessed with it and a fair amount of people still are so I imagine that this will end up being a pretty big hit, especially in the hands of Jones, a very capable director with a flair for great sci-fi storytelling. However, like I alluded to earlier, getting a film of this magnitude done in time for a 2015 release date might be rushing it a bit too much but Jones is probably one of the few directors that I would trust with not messing something like this up.

It’s interesting to note that Jones is actually David Bowie’s son, as well. That has nothing to do with his ability as a director nor an indication of the quality of the film but it is a pretty fascinating tidbit that I always like to share.

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