Dead Pixels PC Review

Start Screen

I recently finished fighting my way through the zombie infested streets of New Hexington, New York and I must say I got my money’s worth.  I almost constantly shotgun deep in waves of zombies and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There were some close calls and I was almost certain I wasn’t going to make it, but here I am, alive and kicking.

Dead Pixels offers three gameplay modes.  There’s Dead Pixels, The Solution, and Last Stand.

In Dead Pixels you are taken back in time to July 15, 1983 and a calamity has fallen over New Hexington New York.  After a toxic waste spill contaminates the water supply, the dead start to rise from their graves and start to attack the living.

The military tried to intervene, but failed miserably and had to retreat.  You’re part of the five percent of humanity that are still alive, but don’t fret as there’s a means of escape.  Strewn across the city a group of survivors with a helicopter gives out rides to all who can make it to the LZ.

With the help of a map you happen upon, you’re able to map out the fastest route to your freedom.  Now with your route planned it’s time to hit the streets and run for your life as the zombie horde pursues you relentlessly.

As you run for your life you’re able to loot abandoned houses and other establishments for ammo, guns, and other valuables.  You can sell things you come across at traders and also pick up new weapons, ammo, and medical supplies.  Some traders even want specific items, and will pay you handsomely for them so keep an eye out.  You’re also able to buy character upgrades that will increase your base skills.  The trader also doubles as a hub to save your game progress.

There are multiple zombie types throughout this game to keep you on your toes.  They range from the common shufflers, to the bile spitting zombies, to fast zombies that rush at full speed and become uncomfortably close rather quickly.

The Solution: It’s been two months since the zombie outbreak in New Hexington and the Government is still looking for a solution to the zombie problem and you, yourself may just be The Solution.  In The Solution you play as one of six inmates whose goal is to make it to the city’s power plant and start its triggering system.  After you do so if you’re able to escape the city you will be granted a presidential pardon and set free.

the solution

In this game mode each of the six inmates have different stats and you’re not able to level them up any further so your selection needs to match your play style.

Also traders no longer appear on the street, but you’ll still be able to buy ammo and guns by calling in supply drops on your walkie talkie.  However, you only get a handful of supply drops so use them wisely.  The same goes for saving progress.  Each save requires an ink ribbon like the old Resident Evil games.  Finding the best time to save your progress is of paramount importance.

Last Stand: Three days after the army has pulled out of the city there is still a small group of survivors who are looking for an escape route.  They make their way to the airport only to find a massive horde of zombies lurking about the entrance.  Low on ammo the group knows they can’t win prevail head on.  Out of no where Hurley, the Last Stand’s Protagonist, turns on a boom box and lures all of the zombies into the mall opposite of the airport.  With the way clear the other survivors make it to the airport but you’re now trapped in the mall with the zombie horde.  You know you will not make it out alive, so you decide to make your last stand and go down fighting till the last bullet.

last stand

When you start Last Stand mode you choose either time attack mode or survival mode.  In Time Attack mode you fight through six waves as fast as you can.  In Survival mode you just survive as long as you can.  Regardless what variant you decide to pick the setting is the same and so are the traders.  In this mode you’re confined to the mall setting with traders lining the back wall.  Each trader shares the same inventory so you can only buy a certain amount of supplies.  This helps to feed into the bleak outcome your story will have.

Overall I have to give Dead Pixels my blessing.  Even though the game is somewhat short, the different game modes and level difficulty make it worth checking out.  Each game mode also allows for Co-op, but sadly only Local Co-op is supported.

 +Multiple game modes

 +Local Co-op

 +Decent replay value

 Review Score: 7/10