Poll: Orbis vs. Durango

Next Gen Consoles E3 2012

Gaming Responsibly wants to know what Next Gen console you’re more excited for.  Microsoft is most likely going to reveal “Durango” when Major Nelson’s countdown expires (E3) and Sony has said they’re content to let Microsoft have the first word.  Sony’s next gen console Orbis (as referred to during closed door meetings with U.S. based developers) doesn’t have any definite reveal date as of yet, but is rumored to boast anywhere from 8-16GB Ram (based on rumored dev kits in the wild), Blu-Ray drive, and resolutions (up to 1980×1080@3D).  Durango is rumored to have 8gb Ram, a Blu-Ray drive (like Orbis), and an interface for the next generation of Kinect.  Valve is also attempting to throw a “Steam Box” in your living room (Their system specs would be similar (although no disc drive would be present) 4-8GB Ram, USB 3.0, 1080p HD graphics.  So there you have some rumored specs.  Which system has you most excited?


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