UDraw Tablet Deal at Best Buy


I was really curious about the product that brought THQ to their knees and caused them to subsequently files for bankruptcy and dissolve as a game publisher.

UDraw is a pretty cool concept really.  The slogan for the product was “turn your tv into an art studio” that much is still to be determined.  Also, The price tag when it was first released was a bit atrocious for a single touch peripheral tablet.  However, by heading over to Best Buy online or in store and you’ll be able to grab one at an amazing price.  For an overall investment of $20 I was able to get my son the UDraw Tablet and Marvel Super Hero Squad Comic Combat.  A great present for any child to say the least, and one that will barely dent your entertainment budget.

This is more of a public service announcement than anything just to let everyone know what a great deal is going on while Best Buy liquidates their stock of UDraw Tablets from the now defunct THQ Publisher.

Dylan Zellmer

I split time between games journalism and making video games. My love of it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fitness and my family define me otherwise.