Dust off the ol’ Nanosuit and Jump in on the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Beta

Crysis 3 Hunter 1920x1080


Crytek is treating us to more sweet Beta action prior to the February 19th release of Crysis 3.  There will be two playable maps dubbed Airport and Museum.  Two playable game modes are also offered.  Crash site is back for Crysis 3 and the new “hordish” mode Hunter will be on display wherein: Two players start as hunters with Nanosuits vs. 10 Cell opponents (14 on PC).  Every time a hunter kills a Cell trooper in the time-based mode, the victim is converted to a hunter.  One more offering in the Beta is a social feature called New York Feed that keeps track of your friends’ accomplishments and challenges you to match or better them.

The Beta live date is still unannounced but look for it on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC respectively.

Dylan Zellmer

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