To the Moon PC Review

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To the Moon was released November 2011 on Freebird Games website, then it came to Steam in September 2012, and now I’m finally playing it now in January 2013. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a bit late to the party but, better late than never right?

To the Moon is an Action RPG that puts you in the shoes of Dr. Neil Watts and Dr. Eva Rosalene who are employed by the Sigmund Corporation. Their job is to travel into the memories of dying clients and alter them so that they can achieve their dream before they die.

Dr. Watts and Rosalene’s newest client is Johnny. Johnny lives in a gorgeous house overlooking the ocean, with a stereotypical light house near it. When you arrive at the house you meet Johnny’s caretaker Lily, her children Sarah and Tommy, and Johnny’s doctor. You learn from Lily that Johnny’s last wish is to go to the moon. When you initially enter his memory he doesn’t remember why. It’s up to your sleuthing skills to piece the mystery together.

In order to travel back through Johnny’s memory you must first find mementos’ of his that link his memories together. Most mementos are trapped behind a force field. The only way to destroy the force field and access the memento is to establish five memory links. You receive memory links from items that have significant meaning in Johnny’s life. They’re typically found in the current memory you’re inhabiting. When you do break through the force field and are able to access the memento you also have to prepare it through a small mini-game.

As you go back farther and farther into Johnny’s memory you find out more about his about his wife, friends and ,believe it or not, what seems to be a hidden past. Every story element serves a specific purpose and the designer, Kan Gao, did a magnificent job making sure it did.

What kept me going to the end was the story and the secrets. I wanted answers so bad that I kept playing nonstop, and in the end when everything came together so well I was glad I finished in one continuous session. Despite the games short length the story more than makes up for it, and is worth checking out. It has won several awards and if you experience To the Moon too you will see why.

I wish I could go more in depth with the storyline but I’m afraid I can only tell you so much about this game without spoiling most of the plot twists and secrets. As I said the secrecy and finding out the truth is what makes the game.

+Great musical score

+Superb story

+Funny characters

Review Score: 9/10

Author: DoubleZ