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Dead Space 3 will release in just two weeks time. EA and Visceral have been kind enough to supply us with plenty information on plot, characters, and even a game play demo.  Many times I’m swayed more heavily by pre-release demo’s than the marketing campaign that goes into a titles release.  Now I didn’t personally play the Dead Space 3 Demo but, I know someone that did.  Our friend Mingle at Gaming Responsibly was kind enough to give us his Impressions.

The Dead Space Franchise is built on the Survival Horror Genre with contributions from the Action/Adventure and RPG avenues. The main protagonist of the Dead Space Series Isaac Clarke has been through the ringer from the get go. Now he’s being thrust onto the arctic planet of Tau Volantis to dismember additional Necromorphs.  Isaac is joined by new series protagonist and co-op addition John Carver. From what our previous demo impression states the experience is altered heavily when you take on Tau Volantis as a pair which is a first for the series.

Most likely we’ll see the “passing of the torch” so to speak in Dead Space 3. The addition of a new protagonist at the twilight of a trilogy is a fantastic way to get you acquainted with Carver and the many horrors he’s undoubtedly faced previous to his admission into the fray, as well as what’s to come in future editions of Dead Space.

I wasn’t by any means an early adopter of the Dead Space franchise. Dead Space 2 is still fresh in my mind as a recent achievement racking triumph.  It was a memorable session that reinvigorated my love of the Survival Horror Genre.  Something I hadn’t felt since the early releases of the Resident Evil Franchise.  So I’m personally chomping at the bit to throw the engineer suit back on and tear through some Necromorph’s in various creative ways.  What awaits our pair of engineers on Tau Volantis? I’m willing to bet it’s a tragic, blood stained story with a hint of madness.

Update: Couldn’t leave out this awesome Launch Trailer

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