Fund your PSN Wallet with Paypal

Psn Store Adds Paypal


After Sony lost millions (close to 77 million) of users’ personal information as the result of an attack on the SOE server it’s safe to say I’m hesitant to submit my credit card information on the PS Store.

Paypal to the rescue! I’ve used Paypal for years on hundreds, maybe even thousands of transactions and I’m always thrilled when I can use it somewhere new. Sony and Paypal have teamed up to make PS Store purchases even easier. You can now use your Paypal account to fund your PSN Wallet. The security that Paypal offers will undoubtedly convince me to fund my PSN Wallet online rather than running out to retail to buy another pre-paid card.

However, at this time you’re not able to do so on your console. You’ll need to sign in here┬áto add funds online with Paypal.

via [IGN]

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