10000000 PC Review

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I just started playing Ten Million a few days ago and the throwback graphics, surprising customization, and addicting Platformer style game play had me coming back for more.

In Ten Million you control a man imprisoned within a castle.  His only means of escape is to secure a score of…you guessed it, Ten Million points.  How do you earn these ten million points you ask?  Naturally the only way one can earn points while stuck in a castle.  Proceed with the dungeon crawling and monster hunting!

In the beginning there are multiple rooms, but the only one available to travel through is the dungeon door.  When you enter it is an immediate race against time to fend off the monsters that are dead set to kill you.  Along the way you will also encounter treasure chests and doors you must unlock to progress farther.

Now here’s the twist, gameplay is puzzle based.  At first it took me a little while to get used to it but once I did, I found myself in a groove.  You must match tiles, of three or greater, together in order to fight monsters, unlock doors and treasure chests.  Matching multiple tiles together and getting longer chains increases the effectiveness of the tiles.

There are seven different tiles you can match.  First, there are the combat tiles which give one the option of sword or staff.  The sword deals physical damage and the staff does magic damage.  Learning what vulnerabilities the monsters have is the key to successful combat.  Here’s a short list of the other tile types:

–          The stone and wood tiles are materials you collect to fix and upgrade rooms.

–          The key tiles are used to unlock treasure chests and doors while dungeon running.

–          The chest tiles are used to gain gold. Gold is used to upgrade weapons and armor.

–          The shield tiles are for protecting yourself from monster attacks.

–          Last but not least is the star tile.  The star tile is the wild card which can be used with any other tile to make matches.

As you progress farther and travel through more trying dungeons you might find it hard to advance, but fear not as there is a solution to your problems.  Enter our aforementioned rooms that weren’t available to you earlier.  All the materials you have collected during your runs aren’t just for display.  Materials you’ve amassed are used for rebuilding said rooms.  All six rooms in total contain something to upgrade your gear or train your skills.

Now I haven’t quite made it to ten million points so I don’t know what’s going to happen when the task is complete.  But if you want to find out you’ll just have to earn your own Ten Million.

+Interesting game concept.

+Old school graphics and music.

+Fast and addicting gameplay.

Review Score: 8/10

Author: DoubleZ