PlayStation may put Dual Shock to rest

Sony Playstation 3 2012 Model Console Controller

Reports are coming in that Sony is looking for another option for it’s controller layout on the upcoming Orbis console.  Sony has been utilizing Dual Shock since 1997 when the first Playstation was released.


The report states that Sony is looking into biometric sensors on the grips and an LCD touch screen reminiscent of the PS Vita.  Extensive R+D at Sony has lead to this purposed redesign.  There is hope however that the PS3 Dual Shock controller may be backwards compatible with Orbis at least at launch.  As we all know newer versions of the PS3 hardware did away with the PS2 backwards compatibility many Gamers knew and loved.  Nintendo’s wii console also had a redesign that didn’t include compatibility with GameCube controllers, memory cards, or game discs.

The biometric capabilities are the same types of sensors that are used on treadmills and other exercise equipment to measure heart rate.  This could have some interesting applications when it comes to gaming.

Sony is possibly set to reveal Orbis in a matter of weeks at GDC 2013 along with another huge announcement from Bungie.

Dylan Zellmer

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