Suda 51’s Killer is Dead details emerge


It seems Suda 51 has moved away from Chainsaw wielding cheerleaders and their decapitated boyfriends and onto something I might actually play.  Killer is Dead is a successor to Killer 7 and No More Heroes.

Besides this fantastic concept art that leaked previously, there wasn’t a plethora of information on Suda 51’s new project available.  That is until late yesterday evening when new information was unearthed.  Some character details emerged and a release window was given for Japan.  The Land of the Rising Sun will see Killer is Dead this summer with a Western version to follow.

It appears our protagonist will be named Mondo Zappa (other brothers Frank and Ahmet).  He’s described as a middle aged Cybernetic James Bond?  Wielding a sword in one hand and a Captain Hook style tool embedded in the other than can manifest in many ways including guns, drills, and other tools the player will need throughout.

More strange details as they emerge.  It wouldn’t be Suda 51 without strange details…

Dylan Zellmer

I split time between games journalism and making video games. My love of it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fitness and my family define me otherwise.