Bethesda Softworks Trademark discovered for Fallout TV Show

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Holy bobblehead collecting, V.A.T.S. blasting, Brotherhood of Steel BATMAN!  Bethesda Fallout TV Trademark DiscoveredSoftworks filed for a trademark Wednesday January 8th with the description of “Entertainment services in the nature of an on-going television program set in a post-nuclear apocalyptic world.”  This could correspond with a tweet from Fallout 3 voice actor Todd Dellums we reported on earlier.  The tweet was first thought to be teasing Fallout 4 but, with this revelation it’s more likely it was referring to the unearthed trademark.

The Fallout universe would be fertile ground for an ongoing TV series.  Each week could feature another quest on the Vault Dweller’s journey.  The possibilities could be endless.  There’s an enormous amount of story and lore in the Fallout universe to tap.  If everything goes as planned we could see another long running, quality TV series in the making.

Let’s think to the future for a minute.  Where would an IP like this flourish in the TV landscape?  Smart money is on a Premium channel like HBO.  HBO is renowned for adapting George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire into the Game of Thrones series.  We also have other high quality TV shows coming out of Cable television channels like FX Networks and AMC.  Depending on what type of budget is needed to green light this type of project we could see it land in any number of places.  I have personally collected every single Xbox 36o achievement for Fallout 3 available (that’s everything from the campaign and all DLC’s) suffice to say I’d be excited if this project picked up some steam.

Dylan Zellmer

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