British Playwright to Adapt Assassin’s Creed


Given that this is a gaming site, it only makes sense that we would touch on the news that British playwright Michael Lesslie has been hired by Ubisoft and New Regency to write the script for their upcoming adaptation of Ubisoft’s popular video game franchise Assassin’s Creed. This is the first development on the adaptation since it was announced three months ago that highly in-demand (and rightfully so, mind you) Michael Fassbender had signed on to not only play said assassin, but also produce the picture.

Not much is known about Lesslie but after some research on this lovely thing we call the internet, apparently he wrote an acclaimed play titled Prince of Denmark as well as a stage adaptation of the 1994 comedy Swimming With Sharks that starred Christian Slater. From what I can gather he’s apparently pretty talented but given the fact that one of his few known works starred Christian Slater of all people, that doesn’t exactly encourage me. However, there has been a recent influx of talented playwrights who have successfully made the transition from stage to the silver screen, most notably perhaps is another Brit, Martin McDonagh (In BrugesSeven Psychopaths). So here’s hoping he does turn out to be pretty talented as this has the potential to be the first video game film to not be terrible.

Author: ConceptsbyKJR

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