Hotline Miami PC Review


I was skeptical at first about buying this game. I hadn’t heard much about it, but when I looked at some game play it piqued my interest enough to purchase via Steam. The promoted sale also helped Hotline Miami‘s cause.

In Hotline Miami you receive mysterious messages on your answering machine requesting that dole out justice to criminals or, complete other assigned tasks. It’s pretty cut and dry. You spend your time after missions going to different spots around Miami like the video rental store, the corner store, or bar. Each location seems to have the same person working the counter which I found amusing.

I have to say I liked this game from the very first level. They start you off simple with some bad guys armed with only melee weapons which you are easily dispatched. Your subesquent enemies are upgraded with shotguns, assault rifles, and even attack dogs. Don’t be discouraged in the face of adversity. While your enemies may get stronger, so do you. With each kill you earn points which add up for new weapon unlocks. Doing well during missions and getting longer combos off will award you with additional points.

Another bonus you receive to help you in your fight against injustice are different animal masks, and they’re not just for show. Each mask has its own power to help you survive. Some masks will start you off with a weapon while some will increase a physical attribute. Attribute augmentations include being able to walk faster or having the ability to instantly kill someone with a melee attack. Some masks are granted to you after certain missions, but some can be found during missions so keep your eyes peeled.

Speaking of masks, every once and a while you will encounter three people touting a different mask that you obtain in the game. They are more or less how the storyline progresses. With each meeting you receive small amounts of information. Questions like who are you, and who is leaving the messages on your answering machine? All you can do though is push on till the end to find out.

And finally I have to mention the musical score. Jasper Byrne did a phenomenal job. If not for the great music it would not have left such a strong impression on me. I have to admit that I have never listened to ’80s retro electro but it fits so well with game that it grew on me and it probably would for you. I would suggest that everyone give it a good listening.

+Easy controls

+Fast paced madness

+Fantastic soundtrack

+Interesting storyline

Review score 10/10