Borderlands 2 receives third DLC featuring Sir Hammerlock

Sir Hammerlock DLC

On January 15th it’s Safari time!  Off to Aegrus with Sir Hammerlock on his Big Game Hunt.  This is the third bit of story extending DLC Gearbox has added to Borderlands 2.

“At this point, I’m inclined to believe a day doesn’t pass on Pandora without someone shooting something really big. Or just shooting anything.” – Sir Hammerlock


The DLC spouts promises of “Danger! Excitement! Mustaches!” during your time in the swampy continent of Aegrus.  Vault Hunters will encounter new enemy types, 5 story missions, and 12 side missions.  Let’s talk Loot, it looks like there will be some new Seraph items up for grabs and a new vehicle type.  The jungle/swamp continent is packed with insane Handsome Jack worshiping tribal’s that are in true Borderlands fashion a bit off their rocker.  So get ready to accompany the Crocodile Dundee/Robo-cop mash up known as Sir Hammerlock on the 15th.

Dylan Zellmer

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