Rumor Has It New PS4 Dev Kits Shipping Now

Orbis Concept Render

Word on the street is that developers are not seeing a third edition of the Orbis Dev Kit with a 4th version expected to be shipped this summer.  Closed door meetings have been taking place as of recent between Sony and U.S. based development teams.  These meetings seem to be outlining Sony’s intended use of their new hardware to help devs get the most out of the console.  During said meetings the phrase “PS4” is said to be non-existent and instead completely replaced by what we thought was just a code name for the new console “Orbis“.


The Orbis is said to harness the power of an AMD A10 APU Series Processor.  This will act as both the Orbis’ CPU and GPU.  The dev kits are rumored to have a maximum RAM capability of 16GB.  When compared to this generation of consoles RAM limitation of 512MB installed it’s a staggering upgrade.  The last figure to come out of this news is in the form of the once again Blu-Ray Optical Drive specs which came in at 256GB.

Some great functionality upgrades are to be present as well.  I have not so fond memories of receiving a message while in a game session, pressing the PS button, and 30 seconds later seeing the XMB.  Orbis’ upgraded UI is designed to seamlessly navigate from where you are, to anywhere you want to go on the console in moments.  The last little caveat here is all downloads whether it be system or product will be done in the background giving the user freedom to go about their business as usual.

Big news here and most assuredly more to come!

Dylan Zellmer

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