Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition Revealed

Deadspace Dev 545 610

Visceral Studios offers up the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition in addition to the earlier announced Ultimate Edition.  There’s tons of goodies in the box including a replica marker, datapad, prop med kit, and more.  Here’s the whole shindig:













  1. Aluminum Data Pad
  2. Med Pack Water Bottle
  3. Posters
  4. Peng Postcards
  5. 96-Page Mini Art Book
  6. Dead Space 3 Game
  7. Bound SCAF Jotter
  8. “8 Black Marker Staute

The Dev Kit will set you back $159.99.  That price is plenty steep but, keep in mind that only 5,000 of these are being produced so they are definitely rare.  You can also throw the goodies on top of your Dead Space 3 purchase at a later time for $100 extra.

Dead Space 3 is set to release on Feb. 5th for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC

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