iGR Insight – Zen Pinball THD Marvel Civil War Review

Zen Pinball Civil War 630x350



Zen Studios continue to bring Marvel to life with the Zen Pinball THD Marvel Civil War table.  Zen is known for doing their homework, adding great easter eggs, and creating functional Marvel themed tables.

The visuals of the Civil War table are immediately apparent.  The use of cool temperature colors helps to blend our two different factions into the table aesthetics.  Captain America surprisingly opposes the Mutant Registration Act and Iron Man is forced to support the controversial law after The Stamford Incident occurs.  The table runs perfectly on the Nvidia Tegra 2 Processor with the enhanced visuals.

Conceptually Civil War hits on the points you want to see when it comes to a Marvel table.  Actions taken on the table help to dictate what sides the “on the fence” super hero’s take.

The problem with the Civil War table is the flow of the action.  The table starts with a recreation of The Stamford Incident that kicks off the events of Civil War.  The instance abruptly stops if you lose one of the two multi-balls that you’re given to start the game.  The table is oddly shaped and ramps tend to fling the silver balls directly between the flippers, or alternatively out of play elsewhere.  It’s very hard to get into any kind of rhythm and really enjoy your time with the table.

The final verdict rests on the fact that I just didn’t find the table enjoyable.  When it comes to video games I typically appreciate the experience rather than the graphics or concept.  Zen Studios typically doesn’t miss when it comes to the form and function of their tables but, they may have tried to stuff too much story and eye candy into this table to focus on what brings them to the (pinball) table.

+Gorgeous mobile visuals

+Fantastic concept

+Great list of characters and events

-A misstep in table design

-Flow and rhythm of the table are sadly undercut

-A surprising lack of fun

Review Score: 7/10

Dylan Zellmer

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