Valve and Xi3 readying Steam backed PC for CES

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Valve and Xi3 are ready to reveal the Steam powered PC during this weeks CES.  Gabe Newell just recently broke the silence about Valve’s foray into your living room and since the news and rumors have been backing up the pipeline.

I’m sure more clarification will be given during the presentation but, we know a few things for sure at the moment.  Possibly one of the coolest pieces that’s know so far is that you can run the Chassis of this Steam powered PC over with a truck and it’s no worse for ware.  The other great tidbit is that this PC is built to mount to the back of displays for an ultra clean presentation.  This wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t roughly “the size of a grapefruit” which is another fact that is known about the Chassis itself.

It’s an exciting time as we head into the Next Generation of Gaming.  The major players may be holding out for Summer’s E3 conference but, it looks like Valve is taking the stage this week for a first look at their much debated and highly anticipated living room PC.


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