Zen Pinball THD World War Hulk Table Review


Zen Pinball THD is a beautiful, functional Android mobile game.  It runs impressively smooth on my Asus Transformer 300T on Nvidia’s Tegra II.  The best part of Zen Pinball is the attention to detail and functionality of the tables.  Zen Studios is known for taking Third Party properties and bringing them to life in amazing fashion.

The World War Hulk table has been in the Google Play store since November 2012 but, I have just started with the THD titles and this is a brilliant example of next generation mobile gaming.  When playing Zen Pinball THD on a tablet it feels and runs exactly the same as when playing on the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 Consoles.

World War Hulk follows the story of The Hulk being exiled into space and landing on an alien world and made compete in gladiator tournaments.  The table chronicles this event and the Aftermath of The Hulk’s return to Earth with his Warbound in toe.  The subtle references to The Punisher War Journal, The Avengers: Initiate, and Iron Man are great and help to sculpt the action happening on the table.  As always Zen throws in it’s signature “instances” or events that unfold during your time on the table.

World War Hulk is a gorgeously realized table that is a great addition to the already strong Zen Pinball THD for Android library.  The only downside to the table seems to be the somewhat easily repeated events and not as many “boss battles” as other tables.


+Gorgeous visuals

+Great form and function

+Fantastic story references

-Not quite as much event depth as some other tables.

Dylan Zellmer

I split time between games journalism and making video games. My love of it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fitness and my family define me otherwise.