Sony Patents Used Game Killer

Sony Vs 1. Used Games

Sony Online Entertainment has patented a new form of warfare against the used games industry.  A Neogaf user dug up the patent just yesterday that in so many words states your future game purchases on the Playstation 4 console will be locked to your PSN ID.  Therefore, rendering your ability to borrow games among friends and re-sell your games impotent.


The document goes into some depth on how this process may work.  There would be a file or configuration written into the disc that would “pair” your console/PSN ID with the game in question when you insert it into your system.

We all know there’s a ton of controversy around used game sales.  The arguments on both ends of the spectrum are valid.  For example as consumers when we make a purchase we should then be able to re-sell or borrow our property at leisure.  In effect this means no more taking your games to the local Gamestop to get some return on your investment.  On the developer/publisher end the used games market is literally hemorrhaging millions of dollars in sales.

Whether this patent ever comes into existence is still up in the air and we may never even need to worry about it as consumers.  Sony also has to keep in mind that if they bring this patent live with the next home console and Microsoft doesn’t they would be at a distinct disadvantage with consumers.

So at this point this is an interested and confirmed story but, many patents are published and never see the light of day.

Dylan Zellmer

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