Monthly Gamer Spotlight Playstation 3


Once a month I Game Responsibly throws the net out across Xbox Live and PSN to find two Gamers worth interviewing.  These Gamers uphold our Mantra of making sure the days responsibilities are taken care of before you reward yourself with some game time.  We will be asking ten questions every month and our Gamers can answer them in any way.

Our first two Gamers who will steal the limelight share their love of Gaming even though they are a continent apart.  One is from the great state of TX in the U.S. and the other from The U.K.

Let’s take a row over across the pond for our second interview –

Gaming Responsibly Monthly Gamer Spotlight Q&A

 1.       Q. What title are you currently playing?
A. Dust 514
2.       Q. What’s your favorite Video Game of all time?
A. Socom
3.       Q. What’s your profession?
A. Machine operator
4.       Q. How about life/work goals?
A. To all ways be on top
5.       Q. What kind of extracurricular activities do you enjoy?
A. Football (The non American type)
6.       Q. Are you active in your community?
A. Kinda
7.       Q. What projects are you currently involved in?
A. Running a top Dust 514 corp (On the Brink)
8.       Q. What’s your favorite form of entertainment?  Television, movies, books, music, video games?
A. video games
9.       Q. What three words best describe you?
A. Heavy machine gun
10.    Q. What’s your Gamertag or PSN ID?
A. MrxRaZaRx


Dylan Zellmer

I split time between games journalism and making video games. My love of it’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones), fitness and my family define me otherwise.