The Walking Dead Survival Instinct details revealed

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Breaking news about Activision’s upcoming The Walking Dead FPS.  It looks like some screens have surfaced showing character models and what appears to be a very desperate situation in a Georgia city.

You’ll be reprising the role of Daryl Dixon from the AMC Series The Walking Dead.  I say that because oddly Daryl is not a character from the acclaimed comic book series that has spawned a frenzy of products including the television series, two video separate video game adaptations, and countless paraphernalia.  He simply roams the world that AMC has crafted.

The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct will follow the brothers Dixon including Merle from the hit AMC series as they try to survive in the aftermath of the zombie/roamer/biter outbreak.

There seems to be some interesting developments in game play and companion control presented in The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct.  It appears as if you’ll have some kind of a group aspect once things pick up and you’ll be able to send companions out on missions a la the Assassins Creed series.

There’s also some cause and effect type of elements present here.  Are you going to use the ammunition to clear an area that could possibly yield some additional assets?  On the other hand there’s the travel aspect that you have to take into account.  Such as using up extra gas to avoid an altercation.

Since it’s inception The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct hasn’t had many hands on demo’s so it’s up to Terminal Reality and Activision to let us in the media get our hands on the title to determine for ourselves if there’s anything really there or, if it’s just a quick cash grab while the gravy train called The Walking Dead is still rolling.  We will know in time.  For now enjoy some new screen shots!  Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

Dylan Zellmer

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