Ubisoft Rumored to be interested in THQ assets

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MCV posted earlier today that Publisher Ubisoft (Assassins Creed, Far Cry, Ghost Recon) is interested in acquiring specific assets from troubled games Publisher THQ.

The rumor suggests Ubisoft is in preliminary talks with THQ to absorb key brands and studios at bargain bin prices.  That would suggest they are attempting to low-ball THQ and get some of their more popular licenses/brands at a price that would pay off large dividends in the future.  We heard earlier this week that the ClearLake Group has stepped in with the initial place holder bid to make sure that THQ isn’t swindled like so many Ponzi-Scheme victims before them.

If and when Ubisoft gains control of key THQ assets it would be interesting to see what Ubi’s plans would be moving forward.  It may be a just what the doctor ordered for a franchise like Homefront that had such great potential that was released in 2011, just to fall into the void of mid tier FPS.  To have a fresh set of eyes to re-imagine and retool the title could produce some interesting results.

What title of THQ‘s do you think would be the best for Ubisoft to target?

Author: Dylan Zellmer

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