Kickstarter strikes again in the form of a Godus

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Kickstarter strikes again in the form of a GodusPeter Molyneux and his development studio 22 Cans have funded their new God game amply named Godus solely via Kickstarter.  The fund raising campaign comes to a close in 16 hours with the total amount raised being £498,296.  Putting them £50,000 above their intended goal.

22 Cans have vowed to include additional content to Godus and that it would also be added to the Ouya and linux lineup of games at £500,000.  There’s still time left and not far to go.  This would be a great addition to the upcoming open source home console Ouya that was also fully funded via Kickstarter in less than a day.

Kickstarter continues to provide fantastic exposure to independent and upcoming game developers so make sure you check out upcoming projects and donate if your interested!

Author: Dylan Zellmer

Twitter: @dzelly

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