Capcom announces Resident Evil 6 has fallen short of sales expectations

06 Resident Evil 6

Capcom announces Resident Evil 6 has fallen short of sales expectationsAside from all the apparent changes Capcom has made to the long running Resident Evil series, the games still continued to perform well sales wise.  That is until the recent release of RE:6.

Fans and Critics alike had trouble keeping up with the fragmented storytelling that followed several different converging plot lines.  The move away from Survival Horror gaming to full blown cover based third person shooterism also worked to discredit the title. There are several arguments to be made about what’s more popular and what will sell better in today’s market.  However, Resident Evil as a series has created a following since it’s debut.  A niche market of die hard fans that were hooked early on in the series.  When you start to take more and more elements away from an established series that built your audience, you’ll see sales start to shrivel up as well.

Capcom has had a rough go of it in the last two years with the Resident Evil universe.  First, they attempted to create what in theory was a great idea in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.  However, Slant Six failed to create the environments, mood, and gameplay mechanics to win fans over.  To salt the wound RE:6 was received in somewhat a lukewarm manner as well.  This has spurred more trouble for the publisher.  Read more here.

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