Canceled Star Wars Battlefront images surface!


Canceled Star Wars Battlefront images surface! posted images of Battlefront Online from developer Slant Six.  The work was being done on the title back in 2010 and was given the shaft before an announcement was ever even made!

The concept art that was leaked/recovered of the rumored Battlefront Online appears promising.  It’s possible that work on the title was stagnant or, that they chose to move more marketing and assets into the now free to play Star Wars: The Old Republic.  It’s rumored that Star Wars Battlefront Online was being developed for PS3 and Xbox 360.

Either way fans have been craving more Star Wars Battlefront for years.  Here’s hoping that there’s plan to pursue this title or another like it in the near future.  Next Gen consoles like PS4 or Xbox 720 or whatever we’re calling them now would be the perfect home for large scale battles!

Dylan Zellmer

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