Sleeping Dogs DLC The Zodiac Tournament

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SleepingDogsScar610Sleeping Dogs is one of the brand new IP’s introduced in 2012 by Square Enix.  The games critical success and fan support have driven Square to continue developing DLC to lengthen the Sleeping Dogs experience.

The latest addition The Zodiac Tournament definitely feels like a throwback to 70’s era Kung-Fu.  Not only that it also has somewhat of a Mortal Kombat setup.  As Wei Shen is whisked away to an isolated Island  to compete in a tournament of the best fighters in the modern world.

Square Enix pulled a page from the Fallout Universe with how the DLC is initiated in game.  Simply travel to a map marker to begin the story.

The Zodiac Tournament offers it’s fair share of new content.  There’s new costumes, fighting styles, and other collectibles available during your time with the DLC.  Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games continues to support it’s newest IP with a steady stream of DLC.  Each pack offers enough to warrant a second, third, or fourth look at Sleeping Dogs.  Look for The Zodiac Tournament to release on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC on December 18th.

There will no doubt be an Ultimate Edition of Sleeping Dogs in the future so, if you haven’t already committed to buying the game or added content you may be best served waiting for that.

Dylan Zellmer

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