Remember Rage? ID Software Add On Revealed

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Remember Rage? ID Software Add On RevealedRage was a hot and cold type of experience for me.  The graphics and gun mechanics presented in game were nothing short of amazing.  However, after finishing the game I felt like I had been cheated out of something I’d never actually been promised.

See Rage had opportunity to do something special.  It was maybe the first time we could have seen the complete package.  Rage had tight shooter mechanics, beautiful visuals, and a cool weapon upgrade system.  The story was the only thing missing.  Something else bothered me as well.  The amazing world crafted was completely closed to exploration.

For all it strengths, Rage simply fell short.  Now almost two years after it’s initial release ID Software releases “The Scorchers” DLC for Rage.

The Scorchers offers a look at a bandit clan that didn’t quite make it into the initial release of the game.  You’ll be back in your early stomping grounds the Hager Settlement to protect it from your new foes The Scorchers.  The DLC also acts as an update to the original game.  It adds a new Ultra-Nightmare difficulty that sounds about as fun as getting shat on (which is likely going to happen over and over if you choose to play on said difficulty).  It also updates the mini-game system and adds more content to the Arena mode.

All in all it sounds like a great DLC.  The only problem I’m seeing is there wasn’t much incentive to hold onto Rage after completion way back when we all initially bought it.  That will make it difficult for ID to get this content into players’ hands.  The price tag of $4.99 is just what the doctor ordered and may drive some players to purchase the title again or, may even attract brand new players.

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