3DS does sell well!…in Japan

3ds Xl

Media Create has reported that Nintendo’s 3DS handheld has sold 8,799,378 since it’s release in March 2011. The previous sales king, Sony’s Playstation 3 has sold a grand total of 8,716,260 units since it’s launch in November 2006.

The main reason Nintendo’s 3DS has outsold Sony’s Playstation 3 is the lifestyle of the typical Japanese gamer.  Public transportation is rampant in Japan and citizens spend a large amount of time commuting and well…sitting.  Now unless you want to invest in and lug around one of those portable console gaming rigs, then your probably going to be playing on a handheld.  The 3DS has picked up steam since it’s lack-luster debut.  Price drops and bundle offers were two fantastic solutions to sluggish sales.  Congrats Nintendo!

Dylan Zellmer

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