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CCP Games is trying something unprecedented for console gaming.  Their experiment is Dust 514.  They aim to to create a FPSMMORPG.  That’s right, time to break it down.

First of all we should note that this is a Playstation 3 exclusive.  The game is currently in open Beta, which means you can register here and try it out for yourself.

Let’s start out by diving into each of these elements separately before rolling them all together.  The FPS element of Dust514 should be rather familiar.  However, CCP has several different weapon types that work well to differentiate the experience.  You have your standard fare Assault and Sniper Rifles, Pistols, and Sub Machine Guns. But, when you really look at the arsenal set before you things become more interesting.  The Forge Gun is primarily an AV or anti-vehicle gun that shoots a concentrated energy projectile (that honestly looks and sounds irradiated when fired).  This Gaming option in my opinion is not only extremely effective but, the funnest way to play Dust.  The blind rage a Tank driver or Dropship pilot feels when I destroy his multi-million dollar rig is the thing of dreams.  The Heavy Machine and Mass Driver (Grenade Launcher) are a bit more standard fare when it comes to FPS.  However, they both have a very futuristic feel and appearance.

I find that like many FPS on the market shooting is best done at medium to long range (especially with AR).  Things get a bit hairy when close quarters combat ensues.  Sure you have your standard melee when clicking the right stick but, it’s effectiveness is random at best.  The use of Unreal Technology makes frame rates stagger a bit in intimate combat situations at least at this point.  As mentioned earlier the game is still in the Beta.

Now let’s talk about how CCP has crafted the MMO experience.  CCP is best known for it’s MMO Eve Online.  The genius here is that Dust 514 and Eve Online combine for a connected experience.  The addition of player created Corporations and battles for resources/territories makes Dust 514 stand apart.  CCP is working hard on it’s Eve integration and we are already starting to see some of the fruits of their labor.  MCC’s or Mobile Command Centers are constantly orbiting the planet your individual battle is taking place on.  The inclusion of vehicle combat is brilliantly handled here.  During your session an in game UI is used to request your vehicle of choice.  Which is then dropped into battle via the orbiting MCC.  The recent update to the Beta also brought the “Orbital Strike” option into play (Think of it as a mortar barrage).  With Fall more integration and features on the way you’re sure to see the MMO appeal Nfl here.

Finally let’s move onto the element that really drew me into the experience so far.  The RPG system let’s you use your SP or skill points earned from combat into your clone.  In Dust 514 your character is a simple clone created to do battle for the blood thirsty Corporation you choose to side with.  The SP earned will not only be put into better shields and armor for your clone but, you will also make use of it to learn new weaponry and pilot/drive vehicles.  Other FPS games on the market offer limited “loadout” customization and some appearance tweaking.  Dust 514 let’s you create the exact Dropsuit loadout you want in battle with you.  Customize everything from your base suit all the way to weapon, modules, and grenades that modify your overall effectiveness in battle.  The ability to craft your character for an ultra specific role is paramount to the Corporation experience.  On the other end of the spectrum you can be a jack of all trades and be appropriately ready for any situation.  It’s all up to you.

My experience over the last four months with the Dust 514 Beta has me very excited.  Taking part in the Beta offers you the opportunity to fine tune your play style and what skills you want to invest in.  It also gives you the ability to try out Corporations to find one that you want to be a part of when the game makes it’s eventual full release.

So there you have it FPSMMORPG.  Dust 514 is combining the best elements from multiple genres to create an other worldly gaming experience.  I invite you to register for the Beta and check out my personal Corporation I have joined.  On the Brink is a Dust 514 Corporation that has been together since the closed Beta.  Our CEO MrxRaZaRx has put together a dominant host of members.  Don’t worry we’re also fun to squad up with and hit the battlefield.  Join the forum and like the Facebook pages to learn more about what On the Brink can do for you!  I will include all necessary resources and information below.  See you on the battle field clones!

On the Brink Dust 514 Corporation Message Boards

iGameResponsibly’s Facebook Fan Page

Author: Dylan Zellmer

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