Holiday 2012 Game Guide

Halo 4


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Well Jerseys folks here we go again.  It’s the holiday season and it’s 2012.  So who knows maybe your purchases won’t even make it under the tree because as we all know 12-21-2012 is only ten days away and that means this world is going to erupt like so many hungover college kids before it.  Just in case you’re still interested I will give you some insights on the big games available for the 2012 holiday season.

First we’ll start with the only console exclusive on the list Halo 4.  Halo 4 is an Xbox 360 exclusive title so this won’t apply to PS3 or Wii (U) owners.  As many of you know Halo is a long running series that was initially created and developed by Bungie Studios in conjunction with Microsoft.  After years of quality Halo chapters Bungie chose to move away from the franchise and start anew.  The helm was passed to 343i and I’m happy to report they didn’t drop the ball.  Not only did they not fold under the pressure of Spartan Armor, they managed to put a nice coat of wax on it and make it shine brighter than ever.  Halo is well known for it’s life wasting Multi-Player suite that’s been dubbed Infinity by 343i.  All your normal offerings are present as well as a couple things that help to make Halo special that the newly fleshed out Flood Mode and Griftball.  The story is easily the best of the long running series and for the first time serves up a touch of humanity for our main protagonist Master Chief.  Not to mention that Halo 4 is going to be supported by 343i with not only optional downloadable content but, a narrative driven mode called Spartan Ops.  Spartan Ops offered five episodes complete with separate chapters upon Halo 4’s release.  All in cheap nba jerseys all that’s a huge amount of content that’s well worth the price tag.  So if the gamer in your life is an Xbox owner this is your best value.

Next up is the Multi-Billion dollar elephant in the room.  Activisions cash cow known as Call of Duty and this time it’s Black Ops 2.  This is another AAA juggernaut title and it’s justifiably so.  Call of Duty gives you plenty of options to sink your teeth into.  Treyarch is notorious for it’s inclusion of Zombies.  This time around you are treated to not only the Survival Zombie experience we have all grown to love but, also a Zombie “campaign” mode dubbed Tranzit.  The Zombies Mode along with your standard campaign fare and the multiplayer suite that made Call of Duty what it is today combine for an enormous experience.  This is a Multi Platform title so it’s accessible to Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U owners.  The only downside to Call of Duty is there’s never really any graphical upgrades.  The series has been running on the same game engine that wholesale jerseys started the craze back with Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare.  That being said the fluidity of controls and high frame rate action make this title a must have.

Don’t count Ubisoft out though.  Assassins Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 are both fantastic choices.  Far Cry 3 has some of the most complex characters in gaming today.  Ubisoft has crafted a sprawling open world jungle for you to experience during your time with Far Cry 3.  The story/campaign is easily the main draw here.  Rook Island is the backdrop for your protagonist Jason Brody to try and rescue his friends from capture.  The main antagonist is the real reason the story is so cheap jerseys gripping.  Vaas Montenegro is an unstable, unpredictable, and insane individual.  He will look to 10 stop Jason at all costs.  This is a great title if you have an avid gamer that has already purchased some other titles and may be looking for something a bit different.

Assassin’s Creed 3 breathes life into the series with a new setting and protagonist.  Ubisoft was hard at work creating a brand new game engine that can handle tons of on screen action while retaining the graphics fidelity the series is known for.  Set in Colonial America you will assume the live’s of two new Assassin’s and continue the overarching story of Desmond Miles the series’ perennial protagonist.  The new setting of Colonial America makes for a stark change in how you navigate the world and what types of weapons you will be wielding.  If you have a fan of the series on your list this will be a must have.  A word of caution: this story is slow developing at best and falters early on.  Make sure you give the recipient plenty of time to cheap nba jerseys play or they may be disheartened early on.

In the end the choice is yours.  I hope I have given you some insights into the top games offered this holiday season. wholesale nfl jerseys  Just remember the gamer on your list will love you unconditionally (as long as you feed their addiction) not unlike a drug addict.  Happy Holidays!


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